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Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention

Bring Only What You Need For The Day

  • Leave other items at home.
  • Secure in vehicle, out of sight.
  • If staying in a hotel, consider using their services.

Record It

Record the make, model, serial number, along with a full description of your equipment. Keep one copy with you for reference and another in a safe place other than your residence, such as a safety deposit box or trusted friend's house.

Lock Up

Lock up your equipment whenever possible. Secure your valuables in lockers or check-in gear check. $25.00 for the season or $2 per day.

If You Lose It

If your equipment is lost or stolen, report it to Mission Ridge Guest Services and report it to the Chelan County Sheriff's Office. Make sure you give a full description and include any identifying marks, including model, serial, or other identifying marks such as your driver license / State ID number.