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Early Season Uphill Traffic Update

Posted on November 23rd, 2013

Due to the complexity, mobility, and variability of our pre-opening mountain setup and snowmaking operations we are currently closed to any uphill skiing, ski touring (up or down the ski area),  or snowshoeing within the ski area.  At this time of year things change rapidly and the mountain operations departments are working hard to get us ready to open.  The safety of the public and our staff during this timeframe is our top concern.** 

As soon as we can open safe and clear routes for uphill/touring we will do so. Typically the routes become safe and clear when the majority of the mountain is open with natural snow and the snowmaking equipment is cleared from the runs.  At that point, we will revert to the standard uphill policy.

We ask that all users understand that we are all working together to provide amazing winter recreation opportunities. 

**Currently the ski runs are strewn with high-pressure hoses and high-voltage electric lines. Skiing over these lines and hoses can cause expensive damageā€¦and can endanger you. Damage also puts our employees who handle and move this equipment at risk -- the electric lines carry 480 volts of current and the hoses hold water at 500-850 psi so ski edges nicking the lines or weakening the hoses is seriously dangerous.

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