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Face Shots, Core Shots, and Shot Shots

Posted on January 9th, 2014

The "two to three" inches of new snow helped us celebrate our first "Powder Thursday" of the season.  We hope you were here to enjoy it with us.  It was the most epic day of new snow I have ever experienced (it felt that way anyway), with as many face shots as there were low hanging branches.  Well, to be fair, the face shots came from the low hanging branches, but I didn't care.  While 2-3 inches might not sound like the powder day of your dreams, I assure you that if you were up here, it was the "best day ever."  

Waiting for snow to arrive during a slow-snow-season will do that to person.  There is more snow on the way, and just so you know, it's snowing hard right now.  You'd better get up here soon because it's going to get good.  That's my unprofessional optimistic opinion.  Cheers to face shots, core shots, and shot shots. All three were great today!

Media Manager - Jared Eygabroad 

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