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Bomber Banked Slalom - April 5

Posted on March 11th, 2014

With high demand The Bomber Banked is back for year 2! New location. New course. Just as rad and just as Gnarly. The reins have once again been handed to NW shred legend Joey Mcguire to come up with a course that will push riders to their limits!  Think you have what it takes? We're capping registrations at 130 this year. (84 already registersted as of March 11). We’ll see you on April 5th!

“I really loved the ambition and the ruggedness of the entire hand-built course. From the people falling right out of the starting gate to all those who got worked by The Cradle that was turn eight, this event was just an introduction to what I hope will be an even radder one next year!”  –Paul “bagels” Stanley

“The event was a success and I was impressed that it took on an identity of its own and managed to distinguish itself far from becoming "Just another banked slalom." Do I foresee a banked slalom circuit in the future? Who knows? What I do know is that I already look forward to next year's Bomber Banked! You think you have the gusto to do battle in these gut clenchers? We'll see you next season.”  –Ryan Waiste

Questions? Contact Erik Baker, Events Manager, at