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Avalanche Beacon Park

Avalanche Beacon Park

Beacon Training Park

Like to recreate in the backcountry? Practice using an avalanche beacon at Mission Ridge. Located on the Front Road above No Name, the Beacon Training Park is a system created to make it easier to practice with your transceiver. It features six permanently buried transmitters wired to a central control panel. To change the scenario, you can just flick the on/off switches on the control panel. The control unit can be picked up at the Summit Patrol Building. Also available at the Summit Patrol Build are beacons and probes that may be loaned out for use in the Beacon Park.

PLEASE NOTE: The Beacon Training Park is intended for transceiver and probe practice only (no shovels). Digging is NOT permitted.

Solar Powered Beacon Checker

There is a beacon checker located by the trail map at the Summit immediately after you unload Chair 2. This beacon checker has been provided so that you can check that your avalanche transceiver is transmitting properly. Always check your beacon before heading out into backcountry terrain.